Ariana Grande Posted Her First TikTok: "A Pair Of F*cking Pants!"

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Ariana Grande confused the world on October 3, 2019 by posting her first ever TikTok... sort of.

The "Boyfriend" singer, known for wearing long sweatshirts and (seemingly) no pants, reposted a TikTok from @danieljenseen that questioned her fashion choices. Using the viral "let me show you what you're missing" trend, Daniel Jensen answers that question by yelling, "a pair of f*cking pants!"

Ari posted the TikTok on her Instagram with no caption, making the vagueness of it all even more iconic. She deleted the post on Saturday, October 5, but it's embedded straight from Daniel's TikTok below.

And since the trend utilizes the song "Eenie Meenie" by Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber, it's pretty special that JB himself commented her post.

Justin Bieber comment on Ariana Grande's TikTok Instagram post

No word yet on whether Ariana Grande will stop posting on TikTok itself, but we'll keep you posted if she does. Click here to see 7 mainstream celebs that ARE on the Tok!

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