Ariana Grande Responds To Cat Valentine Lookalike TikTok: 'I Just Wonder Why'

Posted by Matt Ryan on

TikTok is home to many Ariana Grande impersonators, but none as accurate as Paige Niemann.

In one video, Paige – whose username is @paigeniemann – lip syncs to a Cat Valentine quote from Victorious:

It's a dog toy that looks like a phone, isn't it cool? I'm coming in now. Hi, Mrs. Tori's mom!

The scary-accurate lip sync was reposted on Twitter by an Ariana fan (@knnewagb), who guessed that Ari must be freaked out by it.



And soon enough, the TikTok caught the eye of Ari herself. She wasn't weirded out by the impressive lookalike, but was sad that Paige used Cat Valentine audio.



Ariana also responded to the trend of people doing things "as Ariana Grande" – meaning with oversized hoodies and sleeves over their hands.

Well, "responded" may be a stretch, since this is what she tweeted:



It's all in good fun, though, right?!

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