Burn It – Did I Say Stand There & Look Stupid? | TikTok Audio Trend

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That's the lesson of the newest viral TikTok sound, making burning it the new trend all over your For You Page.

In the TikTok audio, a woman says "burn it." Someone replies "what?" and she comes back with "did I say stand there and look stupid? No, I said burn it!" But what's the actual origin of this viral sound?

It's none other than Vampire Diaries! In a transcript of season 6 episode 19, titled Because, the characters Caroline and Stefan share this dialogue.

But the Vampire Diaries scene itself doesn't play much of a role in this trend, where TikTokers share all the miscellaneous things they'd burn, such as...



burnt filet minon with some A1 on the side.

♬ original sound - Anime Planet

Pictures of their side profile


♬ original sound - Anime Planet



It was 60 degrees today, happy fall yall 🍂🫶🏼

♬ original sound - Anime Planet


That's the origin of the viral "I Said Burn It" trend on TikTok!

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