Did TikTok's 'Lucid Dreams' Seizure Trend Predict Juice WRLD's Death?

Posted by Matt Ryan on

In the wake of emo rapper Juice WRLD's tragic death at 21 years old, people are looking back at a TikTok trend where TikTokers faked seizures to a bugged out remix of his hit song, "Lucid Dreams."

It's all the more sad because the rapper's death came right after he suffered a seizure, though there is no confirmed cause of death at this point.

The "Lucid Dreams" seizure challenge, which trended on TikTok just a month ago in late October and early November, uses a trippy audio remix of the song. TikTokers will seize, drool or spit water from their mouths, and pass out.

See a compilation of some "Lucid Dreams" seizures below, with TikToks from @sydneyvmay, @opeaina and @sarahmagusara.


With the lyrics of "I have these lucid dreams where I can't move a thing" playing, this TikTok challenge is realer than ever, and we're distraught about it.

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People have even made "prediction" and "conspiracy theory" videos on YouTube about the whole coincidence.

Our thoughts are with Juice WRLD's family, friends and fan base as we all cope with this tragic loss.


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