Does Kylie Jenner Have A TikTok Account?

Posted by Matt Ryan on

Wondering if Kylie Jenner has a TikTok account? If so, what's her username? Does she post on TikTok?

Here's the answer: Sort of. Kylie Jenner has a verified TikTok account, but it has no posts.

It makes sense that Kylie would want to have an official, verified username if she ever wants to start posting on TikTok – or if Kylie Cosmetics forces her to. Her username is @kyliejenner and her bio reads, "The official account of Kylie Jenner." 

Despite having zero posts on her TikTok account, Kylie has 32,000 fans! Damn, can she share that with the rest of us?!

Even though Kylie doesn't have a TikTok, that doesn't mean other influencers don't. Click here to see 7 mainstream OLD celebs that ARE on the Tok!

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