Does Oprah Have A TikTok Account?

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Wondering if Oprah has a TikTok account? If so, what's her username? Does she post on TikTok?

Here's the answer: No, Oprah does not have a TikTok. However, a fake account posing as Oprah is uploading her videos from Instagram and scamming viewers.

The fake account, which uses the deceiving username @.oprah, has racked up 2,000 followers in just two days. The bio seems legitimate, saying "Get a copy of my latest pick from @oprahsbookclub" with a link to a book, but the account is not verified and has not been promoted by Oprah herself.

Here's an example of how the fake account repurposes content. On September 17, Oprah uploaded a video about cauliflower and all of its uses and benefits to Instagram.



And on October 9, @.oprah re-uploaded the video on TikTok, and it has a couple thousand views.

The comment section is mixed, with some celebrating Oprah's presence on TikTok, while others realize it's not an official account.

fake oprah tiktok account

But her fake presence on the app has made its way to Twitter, where people are uploading the re-uploaded TikTok. How meta!



Be wary of celebrity accounts on TikTok. If they don't have a verified checkmark, it's likely not real.

Even though Oprah doesn't have a TikTok, that doesn't mean other influencers don't. Click here to see 7 mainstream celebs that ARE on the Tok!

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