WATCH: Dr Phil Asks 'What Is Sksksk? VSCO Girl? And I Oop?'

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Dr. Phil took to Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday, October 23 with an internet meme question: what is sksksk?

The psychologist-turned-television host claimed he's been getting a lot of "sksksk" comments, and is desperate to know what it means. He also asks fans to explain "VSCO girls" – or V-S-C-O girls, as he says it – and "and I oop."


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Sksksksk? 🤷‍♂️

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Buckle up, Phil.

All of these words and phrases have to do with the general VSCO girl trend, which was born out of TikTok in mid-2019. It's a personality type that can apply to people of any gender.

Do you put your hair up in a scrunchie? Do you wear oversized t-shirts? Do you talk in internet slang? If so, you're probably a VSCO girl.

Now, let's dissect "sksksk" and "and I oop."


It might be hard to believe, but "sksksk" is a way of typing laughter online. It's a form of keyboard vomit, in which internet users "laugh" so hard that they can't even type.

Classic internet vomit laughing looks like "fjaskjlsdjl," but "sksksksk" is a far more condensed and simplified version. And since VSCO girls say internet slang IRL (that's in real life, Phil), they're always saying "sksksk."

Even Jeff Goldblum says "sksksk" – so he might be a VSCO boy, too!





Ever been in the middle of a though and gotten interrupted halfway? That's the spirit of "And I Oop."

You're in the middle of a thought: "and I"

And then something happens: "oop!"

That's what happened to Jasmine Masters, star of RuPaul's Drag Race, who accidentally started the viral phrase while sitting on her balls in a YouTube video. Ouch!

Now, the phrase has caught on – even referred to as "Anna Ou" as a proper name. Make sense? We hope so.


VSCO girls combine "sksksk" and "and I oop," along with their signature scrunchies, Hydroflasks and metal straws. See the original viral VSCO girl TikTok that popularized it all, below, from Katie (@koobydoobydoobydoo).

Now you're caught up, Dr. Phil. Good luck!

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