Gloria Gaynor Joins TikTok, Posts 'I Will Survive' Dancing Video

Posted by Matt Ryan on

We were already happy that one of 1978's bestselling songs, "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, was big on TikTok.

But now that Gloria herself set up a TikTok account, we're ecstatic!

Gloria's verified TikTok, which has the username @officialgloriagaynor, is up and running as of December 3, and she's already embracing the "I Will Survive" meme in her own TikToks.

In her first TikTok, the disco legend is sitting her makeup chair and lip-syncs to "I Will Survive" ... as if she couldn't sing it herself!

But in her second, more-liked TikTok, Gloria is joined by a friend as she does a stereotypical TikTok dance to "I Will Survive," and everyone loved it. In just one day, that TikTok video has 120,000 likes and 1,500 comments.

Of course, Gloria isn't the first to dance to "I Will Survive" on TikTok. See how @thejustinshin and @carly9393 did it before her, with sunglasses on (as the trend calls for).

"I Will Survive" is versatile, though – it doesn't just have to be used for dancing, as proven by @mackenziewooooood.

No matter what she does on TikTok next, we're glad Gloria Gaynor is a part of it!

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