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Though AutoTuned videos aren't new on TikTok, the genre is blowing up right now. So it's not a surprise that there's one question everyone's asking: what's the AutoTune TikTok app and how do you AutoTune your voice on TikTok?

Right now, TikTokers are using AutoTune to turn their voice into big chord songs, especially for storytime videos. Whether it's about getting written up at work or a dog getting alopecia, AutoTune TikToks are everywhere. Here's a small compilation to get acquainted:

Drew Gunby (@drewgunby): And I Got Written Up

Tana Mongeau (@tanamongeaulol): Alopecia Dog

Even though everyone asks for a "how to" in the comment sections of these videos, nobody's offering up explanations... but we've got the answer!


What's the app called?

The app that TikTokers use to AutoTune their voice into crazy chords is called Voloco, which is available on iPhones and Android phones. To be clear, AutoTune is not an in-app effect or sound filter on TikTok.


How much does it cost?

Voloco is free to download, but has in-app purchases and subscriptions for advanced features.


How do you use Voloco?

In the TikTok below, you'll see a quick explanation from @trinityatherton of how to use the AutoTune app.

Voloco lets you record either standalone audio or video alongside audio. In most instances, you should record the video, unless you'd like to export the AutoTuned sound and edit your video elsewhere.

There are plenty of AutoTune and voice options in Voloco, but most TikTokers use the "Big Chorus" effect in a Major key. Some also use "Vocoder." Play around and see what works for you, though! 


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