How To Caption Automatically On TikTok | Closed Captioning TikTok Tutorial

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There are lots of good reasons to start adding captions to your TikTok videos! Not only do closed captions (cc) make TikToks more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people, but they can make them easier to understand for everyone!

Of course, you can use TikTok's text feature to manually type out each sentence and set the duration to only show up as you're speaking. However, TikTokers have recently discovered a free new app that will automatically create closed captioning that you can then upload to TikTok.

Ready to learn the ropes? Let's get into it.


Step one: Download the Threads app

Good news if you're worried about downloading scary new apps: this isn't one of those! The free Threads app is made by Instagram, and it's meant for messaging friends. However, you'll be able to make and save closed-captioned videos without sending them to anyone.

Note: you will have to sign into your Instagram account, and go through a bunch of steps to set up the app, but it shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.


Step two: Record your video content

Most people record the video that'll end up on TikTok right in the Threads app! However, you can also upload video content that you've already shot elsewhere, similarly to how you'd add prerecorded footage in the TikTok app. Remember to keep your video under 60 seconds!


Step three: Transcribe the audio

If you record your video directly in the Threads app, it should automatically turn your words into captions right away. This will take longer depending on the length of your video.

If you upload footage, you'll need to hit the "CC" button on the right side of the screen to transcribe your audio.


Step four: Fix and edit any mistakes

Of course, the Threads app isn't perfect. You can tap on the captions and then individually click a word in order to change the text.


Step five: Move the text where you want it

Just like the text tools on TikTok, these closed captions can go anywhere on your screen. You can move them around and make the smaller and larger, too.


Step six: Save the video to your camera roll

Click the down arrow button on the right side of the screen, and you've successfully saved the video with captions right on-screen!


Step seven: Upload the captioned video in TikTok

Instead of now recording new video in TikTok, you can just upload your captioned video from your camera roll. Add a sound, some effects or whatever you want – but the closed captioning is already done.


That's all it takes! And beware: the Threads app will censor and bleep any swearing / curses / expletives it hears, so be careful!

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