How To Create Your Own Audio, Sound, Voiceover On TikTok

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If there's one thing that ties together everything viral on TikTok, it's audio. Whether it's a dance or a quote from a video, people are obsessed with the sounds of TikTok!

But that leaves everyone wondering: how do you create your own TikTok sound? Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to create a "voiceover" to use in your own TikToks.


What is an "original sound" on TikTok? How do I upload one?

If you create a TikTok – either by recording it in the app, or uploading a video from your camera roll – it obviously comes with its own audio track. As long as you do not select an already-existing TikTok sound to overlay on your video, the app will make the audio of your TikTok an "original sound."

That means if your TikTok is public, anyone can click into your original sound (at the bottom of your caption) and use it in their own videos.


Note: most people make their TikTok videos private if they're just intended to create a new original sound.


What kind of original sounds can I make on TikTok?

If you're just looking to create a voiceover over a future video, just record yourself talking directly to the camera! You'll probably want to make it private so nobody can see your behind-the-scenes.

If you're looking to use a song or a quote from a TV show or movie or viral video, consider screen recording a YouTube video. However, it's important to note that if you don't own the copyright to the sound, your sound could get taken down from TikTok.


How do I name my original sound on TikTok?

First, click the name of the sound – it should say "Original sound – @username" – or the disc/record on the side.

original sound audio tiktok tik tok

Then, click the "edit" button in the next page. Note that TikTok is extremely strict about using special characters (like commas and periods) in the names of TikTok audios.

how to rename tiktok audio sound

Be careful when renaming your sound! Double check your spelling. You can only rename a TikTok sound once.


How do I use my original sound in a future TikTok video?



Click the name of your new sound – or the record disc beside it – on your TikTok with the original sound.

Then, click "Use this sound" and use all the wonderful filming tools of TikTok with this sound in the background – whether it's a voiceover or anything else!

how to use an original sound on tiktok

Alternatively, you can click "Add to favorites" and use it any time when filming a TikTok and selecting a sound from your Favorites.

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