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Why are peace signs, rocker hands and the "call me" symbol all blowing up on TikTok right now? It's all thanks to the app's hand gestures filter, which just became a TikTok trend despite not being a new effect.

The hand gestures effect has been around for a year, but a new challenge has reinvigorated it. The effect works by forcing TikTokers to make certain shapes with their hands, and then taking a snapshot or picture around their hand. Here's an example of how the effect works, prior to the trend:



Which one is your favorite? 😍

♬ Pause of the Camera - Pause of the Camera


Even though the purpose of the hand gestures effect is to put the creator's signs into the three squares at the top, TikTokers are getting creative and quickly changing their body position to create funny pictures in the frames. The best TikTok influencers manage to create one meme from left to right in the squares.

See examples of the hand gestures trend from @joealbanese, @yaboiileena, @alexawollney, @guavajuice, @bianca.cruz and @emmachamberlain below! Keep reading for details on how to use the hand gestures effect yourself.



I threw a shoe at myself like 100 times for this

♬ Hard Times by Paramore - janapaige




this was very amusing #fyp #lsw #BreakupWithBottled #ThatsWhatILike

♬ Hard Times by Paramore - janapaige




can we talk about my circles tho #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #HMmerchformation

♬ Malo Mart - lilfloof.1




After 57 tries, I finally got it. #picturechallenge #trend #backatwork

♬ Snap Em Up - iLoveMemphis




i wanna cry #fyp#foryou#xyzbca

♬ Snap Em Up - iLoveMemphis




#handgestures this is the hardest ive worked in years

♬ Bossa-Nova - Tim Rescala



How do you get the hand gestures effect?

Click here to go to the Hand Gestures creative effect page from TikTok's Effect Assistant. You can also search #handgestures on TikTok, find any video that uses the effect, and click on "Hand Gestures" on top of the video's caption.

hand gestures effect tik tok tiktok #handgestures filter 

How do you do the hand gestures while filming?

Set a timer on the right-hand side of TikTok's camera mode. That way, you can set your phone down while flashing your peace sign, rocker hands and "call me" signal.


How does the picture/snapshot part of the hand gestures effect work?

No matter what part of the screen you flash your hand signals – top, middle, or bottom – TikTok will take a still image in the style of polaroid in the center of the screen. It takes those photos about 0.5 seconds after you make the respective finger signal. Be patient, as TikTok sometimes has trouble recognizing the hand gestures.


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