How To Get Siri Voice On TikTok | Siri Voiceover Tutorial

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Since the beginning of TikTok, it's been a trend to make voiceovers. Thankfully, that's gotten easier over time, with a formalized voiceover tool. But what if you want to use a computer voice, and not your own?

That's why TikTok just added their own in-app text-to-voice tool, but it's not the Siri voice you might be used to. In this tutorial, we'll explain how to use the actual Siri voice as a voiceover in your video! Let's get into it.


Step one: Record your video

Whether you're shooting a new video or just uploading footage, get all your clips in one place and ready to go! Then, click the check mark to move to the next page in the TikTok app.


Step two: Prepare the Siri voiceover

You'll need a second device for this part. Head to another phone or computer and go to the Online Tone Generator website.

Here, you can type whatever text you want, and click "Play" to hear it in a computerized voice. There are plenty to choose from, but the standard Siri voice is named Samantha. You'll have to scroll down a bit for that.


Step three: Record the voiceover

Back on the TikTok app, hit "Voiceover" on the right side of the screen. Before you actually record, make sure to either check or uncheck the "Keep original audio" option, depending on if you want some of that background sound.

Once you're ready, tap the record button and immediately click play on the Online Tone Generator on your second device. Make sure your phone is somewhat close to the second device's speakers so Siri's voice crisp and loud.


Then, you're pretty much all set! You can add closed captioning yourself if you'd like, and your voiceover is complete – not just with TikTok's own voice-to-text feature, but your very own Siri computer voice.

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