How To Get TikTok's Viral Fruit Jelly Candy

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In the past week, TikTokers have discovered a new kind of fruity, jelly candy – and it's gone totally viral.

The candy, which some people are calling Jelly Squeeze Drink, invites you to bite into it until it explodes in your mouth. It's kind of like a fruit gusher, but bigger and with a clear, edible encasing.



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Ever since Jelly Squeeze Drink has gotten popular on TikTok, there's a ton of interest amongst fans to buy the snack. It appears the brand in many TikToks is called Fruity's Snacks, with a product called Ju-C Jelly or Juicy Jelly.

Looking to buy the candy for yourself and your friends? TikToker @jadensprinz said he bought the Fruity's Snacks Ju-C Jelly candy, and said it's available at the dollar store. But beware, it's allegedly sold out in many locations as the trend continues.



What the jelly candies are called #jellyfruit

♬ original sound - jadensprinz

It's also available on the Ford Emporium website and includes the following flavors: orange, lemon, green apple, strawberry and grape. DinDon Foods Corporation, which supplies the candy, works directly with the Ford Emporium website, according to a statement from the store's founder.

Enjoy the candy!

Note: this product isn't the candy itself – just a fun laptop / water bottle / multi-purpose sticker!

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