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Seen a lot of spiraled faces on TikTok lately? Feel like everyone's cameras have gone full swirl? If you're wondering how to get the swirl camera or spiral camera effect on TikTok, we've got the answer.

You may have seen the spiral TikToks distorting people's faces and mouths, like how TikTokers @nina.beanss used it (along with the trendy "don't cry don't cry don't cry" audio):

Or you could have seen swirling of the whole body, like how TikTokers @elyseee_17 and @itsalyssapatel used the effect:

Let's get into how you can use this effect yourself!


What is the name of the swirl / spiral effect on TikTok?

The effect is called Whirlpool and it's a built-in camera effect on TikTok. You can find it under "Effects" when making a TikTok, or you can click here to take you directly to the effect's page on TikTok.


How do you use the Whirlpool effect?

As seen in the TikToks above, you can use the Whirlpool camera effect to spiral your face, your body or your entire video! Unlike many other TikTok effects, Whirpool does not detect your face, so you can apply it to whatever is in the center of your camera frame.


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