James Charles Meet & Greet Video Trolls Dobre Brothers

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James Charles confused some fans by posting a terrible fan meet & greet video, but there's a lot more to the story – keep reading!

In the video, James and members of his crew (Laura Mellado, Jesssus Gomez, Drew Scott and CassieeMUA) meet a fan at a Morphe event, while they are incredibly low energy and don't even say hi to the fan. They take a photo, and barely even wave goodbye.

But then there's a twist – the fan turns around and everyone winds up laughing and hugging! It becomes clear that it's all a joke, including James' tweet apologizing to fans for the low-energy meet and greet.



The inspiration behind James' video is a recent incident in which a Dobre Brothers meet & greet video went viral. It's almost a frame-by-frame recreation, with the Dobre Twins and their brothers take a photo without even getting up and saying hello to their fan...

In response to their terrible meet & greet video going viral, Lucas Dobre issued an apology with a tweet caption that, in itself, got memed.

We just wanted to apologize. After a long 48 hours of restless filming and touring then meeting thousands of fans with no sleep we were exhausted by the end of our show. Our true apologies ❤️ we are sincerely sorry.





After Lucas' tweet, other YouTubers got into the fake meet & greet video trend a couple weeks ago, so James is just a latest in the trend. The most well-known came from YouTubers Drew Gooden, Danny Gonzalez and Kurtis Conner during their own meet & greet with fans.



So even though you might see people chopping off the end of James' video (where everyone laughs) and thinking that he really had a terrible $500 meet & greet, at least you know the truth now. Plus, the memes are pretty funny, tbh.







All caught up? Good. Now here's the tea on James Charles' TikTok account.

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