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Remember that sound from Mario Kart when you drive into an item box and grab a power up? It's the hottest audio trend on TikTok right now!

The audio, which is officially called "Mario Kart Go Brrr," has been popular since November 2020 – but it just went super viral in January 2021. Though it's only been used in 7,000 videos as of January 23, several of its videos have well over 1 million views.

In the trend, TikTokers tap their fingers all over their face while the sound goes crazy, as if to suggest they're thinking. Once there's a ding, they stop, as if to suggest they've had an epiphany!

And, of course, they add text to their TikToks to explain the "thinking" scenario they're in.

Catch some of the most popular Mario Kart power up sound TikToks below, including those from @mycoochieisbald, @hullgrant124 and @glistening_bootycheeks47.


♬ Mario Kart Go Brrrr - Breye


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♬ Mario Kart Go Brrrr - Breye


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♬ Mario Kart Go Brrrr - Breye

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