The 'Mashed Potato Cybertruck' Is A Must-See This Thanksgiving

Posted by Matt Ryan on

While some families fought over politics or stuffed their faces this Thanksgiving, one focused on art. Food art, specifically.

Twitter user Dan Milano (@DanMilanoHere) documented his brother's creation of a cybertruck sculpture – that new, weird vehicle from Elon Musk – made out of mashed potatoes. In a full thread, Dan showed how over the course of multiple hours, the mashed potato cybertruck had its back scooped out and the ramp carved. See the tweets below.

And to make it ultra realistic, Dan's brother smashed the windows – because the cybertruck's bulletproof glass wasn't shatterproof during its live test last week.

Now that's how you make sure Thanksgiving leftovers don't go to waste!

Of course, since this is the ultimate peak of weird internet content, Dan posted the starchy cybertruck to TikTok, too.

Thanks, internet. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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