This Doctor's 'How Could I Ignore You?' TikTok Is Controversial

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TikTok is known to feature creators from every profession, but a certain doctor is in hot water for a video about her own career.

@MursiMedical uploaded a TikTok of her questioning a patient's symptoms and concerns, expressing her desire to ignore the patient instead of working on them.

"24 year old comes in with chest pain," the text says as the video starts, going on to say that the pain radiates to their left arm. "Maybe cocaine," the doctor known as Mursi Medical says in a thought bubble.

Once the theoretical patient worries that they may be having a heart attack (after looking up symptoms on Google), Mursi lip-syncs to a song that goes "how could I ignore you?"

See the full TikTok below, and the tweet that made it viral.



Responses to the TikTok have been harsh, with folks fairly claiming that @MursiMedical's video hurts the public's trust of doctors.







Even though she may have had innocent intentions when making the TikTok, its implications are real.

As of the time this story was published (December 31, 2019), @MursiMedical's TikTok account is no longer available. Its URL redirects to a 404 page error on TikTok's website.

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