The Meaning Behind Post Malone's 'I Love Grapes' At The AMAs

Posted by Matt Ryan on

After winning Best Rap / Hip-Hop Album at the 2019 American Music Awards, Post Malone gave a speech with a drink in hand. *cue the nerves*

But after keeping his composure for the most part, he ended with a confusing phrase: "I love grapes."


Fans took to social media immediately to question the grapes shoutout, with very few answers at first. It was Post Malone havoc!

But soon, some suggested it was a shoutout to hockey announcer Don Cherry – whose nickname is Grapes. Cherry was recently fired from his job for anti-racist remarks.

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Raised in Syracuse, New York, it's not hard to believe that Posty is a hockey fan. But would he really be giving support to someone in the headlines for being anti-immigrant? See Twitter's thoughts below. 

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