Rosa (@AdamRayOkay) Apologizes For Racist, Deleted Tweets

Posted by Matt Ryan on

Adam Martinez, who's more commonly known as Rosa, has found himself in hot water with racist, N-word filled tweets from the past (and not-so-distant past).

The TikToker first apologized on Sunday, April 5, after Twitter user @LilNasXsTwin posted screenshots of three old tweets from 2013 and 2014. In two of them, Adam uses the N-word. In one, he called Nicki Minaj "ghetto," a word historically used to marginalize and disparage black people.


Just a half hour later, Adam responded to the tweet as it began to go viral, and apologized for his old, racist tweets. He also clarified that he had since gone back and deleted them.



However, since those first three screenshots were posted, more tweets were brought to light, including an instance of Adam using the N-word in 2018. This defeats the "it was a long time ago" defense that many try to use in these scenarios.


This resulted in another apology from Adam on Monday, April 6, in which he claims to have learned from his past mistakes.


Overall, the internet's reaction has been mixed to the news. They expected better from Rosa. They expected better from the Latinx community. While some have tweeted #RosaIsOverParty, others want to accept the apology and move on.

But most of all, it's important to remember that only the Black community can accept, or not accept, Adam's apology.

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