Shania Twain on Taylor Swift: 'You Don't Have To Be Beautiful To Be A Star'

Posted by Matt Ryan on

Did Shania Twain just call Taylor Swift ugly? That's the unfortunate meaning some Swifties are picking up from an interview Shania gave at the 2019 American Music Awards.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about the success of Taylor Swift, Shania said she's proving that "you don't have to be beautiful to be a star." Ouch! Taylor is undeniably beautiful, right?


Regardless of Shania's intent, Swifties have taken off with the "she called Taylor ugly" theory and, well, ran with it.

Let's all just hope this was one big misunderstanding, right? Especially on an incredible night for both ladies, where Taylor Swift brought out her best friends to perform during her Artist of the Decade acceptance, and when Shania Twain closed the show by singing "Shake It Off." Like seriously, these gals are civil!

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