That Pasta-Loving, Italian TikToker Has Racist Videos Exposed

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Just days after the internet fell in love with QCP (the pasta-loving, aggressively Italian, New Jersey-living TikToker), we're having second thoughts.

QCP, who goes by the username @itsqcp on TikTok, is known for playing a stereotypical Italian guy. In his most popular TikToks, he gets angry at people who don't know facts about pasta – and he proudly cooks it, too.



The Angry New Jersey Cooking Show - Episode 1: Spaghetti and Meatballs (10% anger)

♬ original sound - itsqcp




If the jersey shore had a cooking show

♬ original sound - itsqcp


Even though QCP has had viral hits on TikTok for a number of months, his fame crossed over onto Twitter in early January 2020, as people discovered his humor and attractiveness – but beware, he's only 16 or 17 years old. However, that fame has hit a roadblock, as some a problematic, racist TikTok of his surfaced.

In that video, QCP says he will do impressions. But instead of playing his usual Italian character, he impersonates "an angry ghetto girl" and "a ghetto black man."

Of course, "ghetto" is a coded word that is often used to refer to poor black people, and is generally frowned upon. Additionally, it isn't really in QCP's right – as a Italian-American man – to be acting out characters of black folks.



The internet was quick to be disappointed in QCP, un-stanning him as quickly as they stanned. It's what's known on the internet as a "milkshake duck" – an incident in which people fawn over someone before learning their problematic past.





Since that TikTok has come to light, QCP apologized for the video in a new TikTok post. He calls the impersonations offensive, and promises he's not racist. In the realm of internet apologies, it's actually a decent one!



I would never intend to harm anyone. I understand why people are offended, and I’m very sorry for that. Before you post something, is it worth it?

♬ original sound - itsqcp


Here's to hoping QCP has learned his lesson, and that everyone understands why problematic impersonations aren't OK.



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