These Parents Had A Pole-Dancing Gender Reveal Party

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If you thought you've seen every kind of weird baby gender reveal party, think again.

Two parents took things to a new level with a pair of pole-dancers – one dressed in blue, one dressed in pink. At the gender reveal party, the dancers each get on the pole and do a routine – sometimes solo, sometimes together.

The TikTok video, uploaded by Maria P on @mariap_poledance, has over 5 million views. However, in the end, it cuts off and doesn't show how the gender was actually revealed to the parents.


@mariap_poledance Gender party #party #genderparty #rek #reki ♬ Move Your Body - Öwnboss & Sevek


But in a follow-up video, one of the dancers pops a balloon. Out comes blue confetti, suggesting the parents will be welcoming a baby boy!

@mariap_poledance а вот и результат 😍 хейтерам пройти мимо #рек #реки #genderparty ♬ ily (i love you baby) - 2020 Remix - We Rabbitz

Not sure why two pole-dancers were necessary if they'd just be popping a balloon in the end, but as one hilarious commenter said, lots of single dollar bills will be necessary for the baby's first birthday party.

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