This Nurse On TikTok Is Shaming Pre-Marital Sex (@nursehollyofficial)

Posted by Matt Ryan on

Another week, another medical controversy with a nurse on TikTok!

This time around, TikToker “Nurse Holly,” who goes by the username @nursehollyofficial, made a video explaining what she calls the the best way to avoid STDs. Her solution? Avoiding pre-marital sex, or sex before marriage.

This, of course, is not a foolproof way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, as you never know your partner’s sexual history. Instead, using proper protection (like condoms) is an extremely effective method for safe sex.


TikTok users, in addition to viewers who saw the video reposted across the internet, called our Nurse Holly for sex-shaming and providing false information. Some even called it medical malpractice.

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