TikTok #AnimalTricks Trending Hashtag (May 26, 2019)

Posted by Matt Ryan on

Wondering about the #AnimalTricks tag on TikTok, one of the trending hashtags of May 2019? Look no further!

Starting on Sunday, May 26, the hashtag #AnimalTricks began trending with the following description:

Whether your pet can sit, roll over or even give high-fives, show us what your furry friend can do with #AnimalTricks.

Here's how some TikTokers have used the meme and gotten the most likes:


1. Cierra Mistt (@cierra_mistt)


2. Jordyn Adamietz (@jordynmae42)


3. GoneToTheSnowDogs (@gonetothesnowdogs)


4. Claud (@c.laxdiaa)


5. Destiny (@destinyautumnmichele)


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