TikTok #ElasticFace Trending Hashtag (May 27, 2019)

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Wondering about the #ElasticFace tag on TikTok, one of the trending hashtags of May 2019? Look no further!

Starting on Monday, May 27, the hashtag #ElasticFace began trending with the following description:

Check out our new Creative Effect and show us whether you can keep a straight face with #ElasticFace.

As you can tell by the description, this trend is all about using TikTok's newest visual effect when recording your video. Here's how some TikTokers have used the meme and gotten the most likes:


1. Dimple Queen (@razzle.holly)


2. Katy (@katyhedges)


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3. Kade Gaal (@shyplatypi)


4. Aidan LaGrasta (@aidansbackatit)


5. Theresa Stone (@groovinggranny61)


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