Who Is @AdamRayOkay AKA Rosa? Fake Upside-Down Eyelash TikToker

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In just a month, TikTok star @adamrayokay has gone viral with his character Rosa and her misplaced fake eyelashes.

Rosa's videos include her getting ready, talking to friends at school and asking to borrow money. And while they've all got millions of views on TikTok, they've gone hella viral on Twitter, too.



POV: Rosa catches you in the hall and knows you got a dollar for her😭 #fyp #viral #foryoupage

♬ original sound - adamrayokay




POV: Rosa needs to let everyone know she got drunk on a school night😩😂 #fyp #viral #foryou

♬ original sound - adamrayokay




POV: Rosa needs your car and she’ll give you 2 bucks😩😂 #fyp #viral #foryou we hit 500K..... I fucking love y’all💞

♬ original sound - adamrayokay


Some of Rosa's catchphrases are "come here," "let me see" and "open your purse." She always seems to have a crooked or upside down fake eyelash, tons of contour and makeup, she loves slushies and she always looks like she's getting ready to go out.

But now that you've met Rosa, it's time to meet the man behind @adamrayokay: Adam Martinez.


How old is @adamrayokay (Adam Martinez)?

Adam is 20 years old.


Where is @adamrayokay (Adam Martinez) from?

Adam is from San Antonio, Texas. He went to Southwest High.


Where is @adamrayokay's (Adam Martinez) Instagram username?

Adam doesn't just play Rosa on TikTok. His videos are on his Instagram, too, which has the same username: @adamrayokay.


What does @adamrayokay (Adam Martinez) look like out of drag?

Pictures of Adam himself can be found on his Instagram, prior to his Rosa fame.




What has @adamrayokay (Adam Martinez) said about his viral fame?

In an interview with mySanAntonio, Adam spoke out about his character Rosa and her success: "I've always been the type of person who enjoys making people laugh and, seeing that my videos have done that, makes me happy."

And in Adam's Instagram bio, he says, "I enjoy making people crack the fuck up <3."


We're so proud of Adam, Rosa and all of their success!

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