Who Is Alex French? Here's How The TikTok Star Got Famous So Fast

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TikTok is back with another overnight sensation: Alex French, aka @mynameisalex.french.

While we're still piecing together the details of how Alex got famous so quickly, here's what we know. On November 30, Alex had 300,000 or less followers on her TikTok account. One day later on December 1, Alex reached 1 million followers – and growing.

Though Alex has been making TikTok videos for a while, it seems like one recent video put her over the edge, reaching 1.4 million likes itself. In the video, Alex says "hi" repeatedly over the course of many days, losing her voice (and documenting its recovery) in the process.

Since that video hit the For You page, it was parodied and referenced by other TikTokers, only helping to grow Alex's following. Over the course of the next 24 hours, Alex uploaded more TikToks to explain her shock about her newfound fame and thank her followers.

While we're not sure how old Alex French is, we know she's old enough to drive and has a car, according to one of her most recent TikToks. It's also clear she lives at home with her parents.

Alex's overnight fame reminds some people of Charli D'Amelio, whose rise to TikTok stardom confused everyone – even her loyal followers. Some even question if Alex is faking her soft, broken voice. But as more people duet Alex's and Charli's TikToks and question their fame, their fame only grows.



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