Zedd Just Joined TikTok, Promoting "Good Thing" with Kehlani

Posted by Matt Ryan on

Fans of Zedd, rejoice! The dance pop producer just joined TikTok and he's already using it to promote his latest single.

Though it might look like Zedd already had plenty of TikToks uploaded, that's not really the case. His profile, under the verified username @zedd, has old videos that carried over from his Musical.ly account.

It's clear that he's just posted his first TikTok – he even says so in the video's caption!

In the video, he asks fans to make TikToks to his latest single, "Good Thing" with Kehlani. Right away, he put his own twist on the song using the Infinity Clones feature.

We'll see if "Good Thing" catches on amongst TikTokers, or if Zedd stays active on the app.

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