Brother Nature Gets Jumped In A Miami Pizzeria

Posted by Matt Ryan on

A video is circulating of animal connoisseur and influencer Brother Nature getting beaten up in a pizza shop in Miami.

The following video shows the violent incident, which allegedly occurred Friday evening.


Brother Nature responded on Saturday morning, calling out the nearby bystanders for not intervening and helping him — and choosing to film him getting jumped instead.




Meanwhile, another video has surfaced which appears to be the precursor to Brother Nature getting jumped. Some have used it to say that Brother Nature was antagonizing others and being aggressive.

Either way, beating someone up definitely isn't okay, right?

It appears Twitter quickly figured out a suspect, responding to this video by Phat Dabb (@phatdabb_gmn) holding a watch that could be Brother Nature's. Everyone's calling Dabs out, questioning why he'd post evidence on Twitter.

Responses to the jumping incident have been mixed. Some were sympathetic and fantasized about what his deer, Canela, would do if she found out about everything.





However, others took this as an opportunity to make jokes about Brother Nature's widespread appeal, joking about their girlfriends having crushes on him. Yikes!



We're sending well wishes to Brother Nature and hoping his message of peace spreads, so this won't happen again.

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