JoJo Siwa Might Have a Boyfriend – See The Pics!

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If you're frustrated with your dating life, then you're probably like the thousands of people of made "JoJo Siwa" trend on Twitter tonight.

Those people are angry, because rumors are spreading that JoJo Siwa, the 16-year-old Dance Moms-turned-Nickelodeon star, has a boyfriend.

Who is he? Are they really dating? What do we know? Here's what we've gathered...


For a few weeks, people have suspected that JoJo may have been dating Elliott Brown, or @brown.e14 on Instagram. According to his Instagram bio, Elliott is committed to play football at University of Nebraska.

And while we don't know if they're officially dating, JoJo posted this Instagram video with him today. 


But today's post isn't the first on JoJo's feed with Elliott. She also posted this picture with him a week ago, in which she just called him "E" in her caption.


Of course, none of this is overtly flirtatious. That is, until you go to Elliott's Instagram!

There, JoJo commented on the one picture of them (five days ago) with a pretty loving emoji. See the picture and comment for yourself below.



jojo siwa boyfriend relationship instagram comment elliott

Even though there clearly hasn't been any confirmation that JoJo Siwa is in a relationship, Twitter has gone wild. They're mad that the 16-year-old star has it all: money, fame, fortune, and now even love!




Stay mad, Twitter. JoJo is winning!

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