These Ariana Grande DMs Allegedly Leaked, And They're Full Of Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran Shade

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Buckle up, because a bunch of alleged Ariana Grande DMs just leaked, and nobody knows if they're true.

The direct messages, sent to pop culture update account Pop Crave on Instagram (to their deleted @popcravenews profile), show the admins of the account conversing with Ariana on a whole range of topics. The messages are supposed to be from the summer of 2019.

Fittingly, the leaked DMs are being posted by @untitIedchaos – that's @untitledchaos with a capital "i" instead of an "L" – on Twitter, who claims to be "not an ariana, selena, taylor, or camila stan," but rather "a random stan who found a dropbox of tea." Therefore, it appears they are claiming to not be a Pop Crave admin.

The first leak, posted January 25, allegedly shows Ariana calling the snippet of "Beautiful People" by Ed Sheeran and Khalid "a nap" and "a snooze."

The second leak, posted January 26, allegedly includes Ariana calling the Recording Academy "mean" and asking Pop Crave to clarify that she never pulled out of a Grammy performance in 2019.

The third and most newsworthy leak, also posted January 26, claims to show Ariana calling Selena Gomez "a facade" and saying that their meeting at the AMAs seemed "really fake."

In addition to the Ariana leaks, @untitledchaos also posted a video that purportedly shows her manager, Scooter Braun, asking Pop Crave to delete a post in which he's shown to have liked a tweet that insulted Selena.

And in order to try and prove the validity of these screenshots, @untitledchaos posted a video of Pop Crave's Instagram DMs with Ariana. However, Ari fans have noted that nothing from the screenshots appears in that video.

So is it possible that there was a leak that showed Pop Crave regularly DMs Ariana, but that the screenshots are fake and designed to create unnecessary drama? Absolutely. But for now, everyone is left to wait and wonder. 

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