Pop Culture

Brother Nature Gets Jumped In A Miami Pizzeria

A video is circulating of animal connoisseur and influencer Brother Nature getting beaten up in a pizza shop in Miami.

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Wendy Williams Mispronounces Nicole Scherzinger Name: 'Scherzingberger'

Wendy Williams, who is no stranger to mispronouncing names, just committed the same mistake with Nicole Scherzinger. Wendy couldn't pronounce the Pussycat Dolls singer's name during The Wendy Williams Show, overcomplicating it by adding "berger" to the end of her name. That's right – she called her Nicole Scherzingberger (or is it Schershingberger?). Watch a clip and hear it for yourself below.   Wendy calling Nicole Scherzinger “Schershingberger” will get me through the week. pic.twitter.com/vUj09BmJDC — Ξvan Ross Katz (@evanrosskatz) December 4, 2019   Remember, this is the same talk show host who said "Dula Peep" instead of Dua Lipa. Despite talking...

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