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Though most TikTok trends happen on the For You page in videos themselves, the CEO trend is making the comment section more lit than ever.

TikTokers are naming other TikTokers the "CEOs" – or chief executive officers – of random traits, as exhibited by the videos on which they comment. It seems to have started in December 2019, and the "CEO" comments are often the most-liked on popular TikToks.

In this TikTok by @mikeygordo, a young boy throws a can of soup on the ground after nobody would make it for him. The comment section named him the CEO of not cracking tiles and of doing things on his own.




♬ original sound - mikeythought


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In this TikTok by @lemurk1ng, a group of guys swap the lyrics to "Jingle Bell Rock" to the Genius song explanations, including weird words like "1957." The comment section named them CEOs of 1957 and lyrics.



I love when they include the lyrics with the songs! #waitforit #winterishere #christmasmusic

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And in this TikTok by @anayadseyer, who has risen to TikTok fame by reading dumb memes in a distorted, weird voice, she avoids saying the N-word and says bitch instead. The comment section called her the CEO of not saying the N-word.



part 5 right before the new year justttt for you guys :) also if u have some u wanna send, dm me on instagram please 💀

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Could this be the easiest TikTok trend yet? Possibly, since all you need to do is comment. Just make sure your choice of CEO is funny!

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