'Chances Are Low... But Never Zero' TikTok Trend

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No matter how low chances of something happening (like getting killed) are, your chances are never zero.

That probability lesson is all over TikTok as the latest creepy, weird trend taking over the For You page! Here's how it came to be...

On December 14, TikTokers @n1ckwilkins (Nick Wilkins) uploaded a TikTok in which he warned us about the dangers of being murdered by a cow – including a Photoshopped picture of a menacing cow waiting outside of a window.

The creepy meme format took off quickly on TikTok, with other users like @griffieboi and @daddy.madelin letting us know the chances of getting killed by a sloth or an otter, respectively, also isn't zero.

Within days, the "Chances Are Low" trend has taken off on TikTok, with warnings about all kinds of dangerous things happening. But in most of the viral videos, the key is having a creepy animal or celebrity waiting outside of a window and staring inside.

All of the TikToks use the same sound, uploaded by @pep.rica.pig / @alikhushalll.

Other viral TikToks from @michellewozniak, @rebeccawoodd and @tempuraprawn have pondered the idea of being killed by James Charles, Raini Rodriguez and Shaquille O'Neal.

And like any good TikTok meme, it's evolved and being used to describe the chances of, well, anything happening! See more below examples from @patl2ick and @jakeypoov.

Now that you understand the "Chances Are Low" (but never zero) meme, try it yourself on TikTok... if you dare.


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