Chicken Leg Piece (Chicken Leg Bis) TikTok Trend

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Wondering why everyone's been saying "chicken leg piece" and lip-syncing to the audio on TikTok. We've got the weird, weird answer behind the global "chicken leg piece" meme / trend.

For months, popular Indian TikToker Ulhas Kamathe (@ulhaskamathe) has been eating food on his TikTok account, mukbang (eating show) style. And in most of those videos, he eats one main thing: a chicken leg piece.

Ulhas' innocent declaration of "chicken leg piece" soon became a legend of its own, as people loved how no matter what kind of dish he was eating, there seemed to be a chicken leg piece. It's how he became known as the "Indian chicken leg piece guy." See for yourself:

And yes, there's even a full YouTube compilation of Ulhas, who includes the hashtags #desifood on almost every video, saying "chicken leg piece" over and over... or "chicken leg bis," as some people think he says it.

Since this is TikTok, fans of the "chicken leg piece" audio decided to meme it. TikTokers like @itzdavebruh, @justjokingyaar, @drdeaj and @thejoshbingham are using Ulhas' different sounds, or creating their own, as they eat chicken drumsticks and lip-sync in their own videos.

In addition, fellow TikTok foodie Lincoln (@shyandawkwardguyofficial) has jumped on the eating train, devouring something savory or sweet in every video.


As of time of publication, the hashtag #chickenlegpiece has 55.4 million views on TikTok. So yes, it's really true: Ulhas Kamathe has started the chicken leg piece trend, and we're salivating over it.

Eat well, TikTokers!

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