'Do I Have An Accent?' Test TikTok Trend

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With an app as global as TikTok, it's no wonder that people get questioned for their accents in the comment section.

But the "do I have an accent?" trend actually invites that feedback, with TikTokers saying words that could show off their different dialects and speaking habits. The trend has become a parody, too, with people roasting their own states and hometowns. Let's get into it.

The original TikTok accent test trend was around in early 2019. As seen in the TikTok from @lost_in_eternal_thought (Kirsten) below, TikTokers write a list of words on notebook paper and read them one by one to show off their voices.

Even in the early days of the trend, some TikTokers replaced the written words with the slang they might use in their regions, like in this example from @madison.grace03 (Madison Bartlett).

But in November 2019, the accent test TikTok trend got a twist. Now, people will roast their own hometowns by reading a word that's definitely not the same as the one they wrote. Two of the most popular comes from @thepoofdaddy and @henri.bnf about Africa and France, respectively.

As you can see, Poof and Henri replaced words to comment on their homes (or accents).

And for United States accents, see these "do I have an accent?" examples from @drleslie (Dr. Leslie) and @dekdaddy about the Midwest and Mississippi, respectively.

Finally, this trend wouldn't be complete without an "Epstein didn't kill himself" version. Thanks, @rat.czar (Eliza).

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