"Gravity Is Working" Water Challenge (John Mayer) Trend

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Wondering why everyone is saying "gravity is working" on TikTok? TikTokMerch – home of the greatest TikTok stickers – has the origin story to the trend.

It's a concept as old as time: gravity, the physics property that forces all things to fall toward the center of Earth. It's also a timeless song by John Mayer – and both kinds of gravity have combined for a new TikTok trend.

The gravity meme challenge involves TikTok users spitting water out of their mouths, and attempting to catch the water back in their mouth on the way down. Naturally, plenty of TikTokers fail and end up with water all over their face.

Many use the face tracking filter and look at the camera at the end, so the camera will zoom in on their dry or wet face. And the lyrics of "Gravity" going "it's working against me," it's almost funnier when people miss the water!

And like all good TikTok trends, people have opened up the meaning of "gravity." They're not just spitting water into their air anymore – they're throwing anything (like eggs!) into the air and seeing what happens.

We're just glad that we're making our middle school science teachers so proud!

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