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Wondering why everyone's singing "Hey Jessie" in a bad, pitchy voice on TikTok? We've got the answer.

First, you should know that the "Hey Jessie" song is actually the theme song for Jessie, a Disney Channel television show that ran from 2011 to 2015. The theme song, sung by the show's star Debby Ryan, has lyrics that go "Hey Jessie, it feels like a party every day."

Two TikTokers, who share an account called Xx.singacc.xx (@zingaccount.xx), sang the Jessie theme song. In their attempts to harmonize and change the song, their chords didn't blend perfectly, and they wound up sounding... not great.

The singers, who are presumably very young, do not show their faces in any of their TikToks. They also misspell the song and show as "hey jessy" in their caption.

Within days, people started roasting the two singers, saying they sounded like Halsey or Billie Eilish (yikes!) and comparing it to what they sounded like as kids.

hey jessie theme song tiktok meme comments

As the TikTok got more famous, people like @sarah.ellis04 started using Xx.singacc.xx's audio as their own sound for TikToks. They lipsynced to the pitchy vocals – and occasionally used the clone filter to become a chorus of "Hey Jessies."

Many also used TikTok's POV (point of view) meme in conjunction with the "Hey Jessie" trend.

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