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Wondering how to do TikTok's newest trend, a hot dog eating contest? Look no further.

No, you won't actually be eating hot dogs and mustard on camera. Instead, this is a TikTok filter / lens that challenges you to virtually eat them, like you're Joey Chestnut himself!

First, use this link to access the TikTok filter called "Hotdog Contest," created by TikTok themselves. As of August 16th, 2022, the filter has already been used 295,000 times!

Next, start recording your video, and rapidly open and close your moth. Hot dogs will automatically fly toward your mouth each time you open it, and the counter will tick up for each hot dog you eat. You've only got about 15 seconds to eat as many as you can!

Take a look at how TikTokers have done themselves at the hot dog eating challenge, including "the real glizzy warrior" herself:


……. I—

♬ original sound - Sydney

@kimansheean LMFAOOO idk wtf just happened #kimansheean ♬ original sound - Ki__Marie

How many can you eat? More than 20? More than 30? More than 40? Try for yourself!

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