Huh? What? Oh? Trisha Paytas TikTok Meme

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A viral video of Trisha Paytas saying "huh? what? oh... haha, ok" has become the newest trending TikTok audio!

The incredibly versatile sound, which comes from one of Trisha's YouTube videos, can be used for any sort of confusing situation. It's been a popular reaction video for years on Twitter, but just made its way onto TikTok recently.

The trending TikTok audio, which was uploaded by @latinajesus, has been used in over 38,000 TikToks already.

@zinccx used the Trisha sound to poke fun at people who have trouble hearing and need things repeated.



you gotta explain stuff to me 5837284068 times | instagram zinccx_ #fyp

♬ original sound - latinajesus


@colbycam772 hilariously owned his one-arm body, as he played God getting distracted as he created him. 


This has to be how it happened! #fyp #foyoupage #viral #onearmstruggle #sofunny

♬ original sound - latinajesus

And most iconically, Rebecca Black (@msrebeccablack on TikTok) showed how she brushes off "Friday" comments with the hilarious audio. 


had to do it to em

♬ original sound - latinajesus


How will you use Trisha's "huh? what? oh... haha ok" audio? It's still trending, so use the viral sound / meme now!

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