"I Look Really Intimidating Until I Smile Check" Trend

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Wondering why everyone is doing a "smile check" on TikTok? TikTokMerch – home of the greatest TikTok stickers – has the origin story to the trend.

At the beginning of October 2019, TikToker Elana Greiner (@callmelaneyg) uploaded an original audio/sound with dialogue that instantly struck a nerve with viewers:

Ayo, I look really intimidating until I smile check.

In the video, Elana has a straight, emotionless face until she says "check." And once she smiles, the message is that she no longer looks intimidating.

On TikTok, "checks" are a way to find community – a way of checking if anyone else relates to a certain thing about you.

Elana's check went viral within three days, with fellow "intimidating"-looking people uploading their own versions with her audio. And even though Elana's isn't the most liked, she still pops up as the original maker of the sound!

I Look Really Intimidating Until I Smile Check

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