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Talk about a wholesome TikTok trend! Everyone's using TikTok as an excuse to surprise FaceTime their shawties, and it's totally adorable.

In this new meme, TikTokers are using an audio from Bryson Tiller, in which he sings "I should probably FaceTime my shorty, oh yeah yeah." It doesn't seem to be an actual song, but just a new original TikTok sound that a fan (@brysontilier) uploaded.

Even though that original TikTok was uploaded on December 8, 2020, it wasn't until December 18, 2020 that the sound really started to go viral.



📲🥱 #brysontiller #fyp #foryou #vocal #trapsoul #pengriffey #serenity

♬ original sound - pen griffey


Now, people are using TikTok's green screen effect to show what their best friends (or love interests) look like right when they answer their FaceTime calls! Some are cute, some are cringeworthy.

Wondering how to do the trend yourself? You'll need to screen record as you FaceTime your friend, and then use that green screen video effect and select it. Then just record that video playing on screen and nothing else.

And here's a compilation of our favorite FaceTime TikToks!



♬ original sound - pen griffey


i call her the second i get out of school 🤓@soniminore3

♬ original sound - pen griffey


he’s sick of me but i don’t care!! ##greenscreenvideo ##bestfriend ##hehatesme

♬ original sound - pen griffey


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