Katy Perry 'Birthday' Wearing Blankets TikTok Trend

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No, TikTokers aren't just wearing bedsheets and blankets while playing "Birthday" by Katy Perry for the hell of it. It's a current TikTok trend, silly!

Though we're not sure exactly who started the bedsheet trend, we know what it consists of. TikTokers (mostly boys / men / guys) wear some kind of bedding (sheets, blankets, comforters). They fold said bedding in half, wearing it like a short dress for the first half of the audio clip:

You know that I'm the girl that you should call

But once the beat drops in "Birthday," the TikTok user will drop the rest of the bedding, letting it flow into one giant garment. And they look glamorous as heck, too.

Boy when you're with me
I'll give you a taste
Make it like your birthday every day

It's not the regular version of "Birthday," either. It's super dramatic and slow for the second half of the audio clip, which was uploaded by @karoooline (or Karoline, as her TikTok profile says).

While we're not sure if it's the original TikTok for this trend, this video by Bryce Mares (@brycemares7) seems to be one of the earliest. In it, Bryce looks absolutely elegant with a blanket – and definitely impressed and confused his viewers.

blanket tiktok katy perry

Within a few days, the trend took off. Some of the most popular version of the blanket-wearing trend come from @joealbanese (Joe), @jack..johnson (Jack Johnson) and Dominic Toliver (@dominictoliver).

Boys, get on your blankets and start strutting to Katy Perry before it's too late. This trend is everywhere!

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