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In a weird turn of event that you'd only see on TikTok, everyone's changing their profile pictures (or avatars) to characters from LEGO Star Wars, typically within a blue circle.

The TikTok trend has a messy origin, but it's clear that LEGO Star Wars profile picture memes have been around for a while on other platforms. The Instagram account @starwars.wookiee popularized the meme, posting profile picture options on their account.

The trend made its way to TikTok in an act of defiance against the Hype House – a collective of popular (and predominantly white) TikTokers include Charli D'Amelio, Dixie D'Amelio, Lil Huddy and other creators. As Hype House videos have taken over the For You page, the idea of a mass "protest" arose.

There are multiple petitions encouraging TikTok users to change their profile pictures to these LEGO Star Wars character images, and it's clearly working. Some TikTokers will even organize "LEGO Star Wars Raids," in which those who have changed their photos will swarm the comments section of a popular, unexpecting creator.



The raid was successful let’s plan the next one and go even stronger 💪🏻 #legostarwars foryou foryoupage viral epic

♬ Cantina music goes hard - adamkindacool


Wondering how you can get a LEGO Star Wars profile picture (pfp) for yourself? Check out the @starwars.wookiee Instagram account, which is up to 30,000 followers in the wake of this TikTok meme.

And if you don't want to scroll through their Instagram, some of their profile picture options are below.






And as an added bonus, here are some of our favorite TikToks from the LEGO Star Wars meme, including the popular Star Wars Cantina song:



Tik tok be actin weird

♬ Cantina music goes hard - adamkindacool



LEGO Star Wars pfp wya. #fyp #starwars #starwarsmeme #legostarwars

♬ Star Wars - Ettore Stratta



let’s go legostarwars foryou starwars xyzbca fyp #starwarsmeme lego

♬ Cantina music goes hard - adamkindacool

See you on TikTok, LEGO Star Wars troops! And don't forget to check out our TikTok sticker inspired by the trend.

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