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Wondering why everyone is making PowerPoints with weird, mispronounced words on TikTok? Figured out it's Lovely Peaches and wondering who that is? Look no further...

Lovely Peaches is an influencer who trolls her audience, acting dumb for attention. Her Instagram usernames are @lovelypeaches4ever.1000 and @lovelypeaches4ever_2001. She's highly controversial, so beware attempting this trend: the comment section is full of people saying you shouldn't be supporting her.

Peaches' mistakes when talking about celebrities and world issues have become perfect material for TikTok audio sounds. TikTokers upload videos of the meme with the hashtag #lovelypeaches. See below:

Your Opinion On Polish Food

"I never ate nail polish before..."

 Thoughts On Israel Versus Parmesan (Palestine)

"Whoever they are, they should work their differences out."

Unpopular Opinion About Billie A Leash (Eilish)

"Billie A Leash is basically one of the new queens of pop."

Being Ariana Grande's Lookalike

"They be confusing me for her."

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