"Nope Yup" E-40 Choices Trend

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Wondering why everyone is nodding and shaking their heads "nope" and "yup"?  TikTokMerch – home of the greatest TikTok stickers – has the origin story to the trend.

Back in 2014, the American rapper E-40 released a song called "Choices (Yup)," that poses questions to the listeners and answers them in a deep voice: either "nope" or "yep." And five years after its initial success, the song is blowing up on TikTok!

At the intro of the song, it's simply instrumentals and E-40's deep "nope"s and "yup"s at a regular pace. So naturally, it was a perfect audio sound for TikTok.

To use this trend, TikTokers put questions as text on the screen, like ...

Am I single? Do I have a crush? Are you adopted?

... and they answer those questions with the song's "nope" and "yup" parts. Often, pairs of TikTok users will do this meme together instead of just doing it solo.

With juicy questions about crushes, relationship status and other clickbaity rumors, the "Nope / Yup" trend gets a lot of attention. And some influencers (like David Dobrik with Natalie Noel) ends by saying "yup" to the question "were any of these lies"?

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