"Oh No, I Think I'm Catching Feelings" Sex by Eden Trend

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Wondering why everyone is dropping things and catching feelings on TikTok? TikTokMerch – home of the greatest TikTok stickers – has the origin story to the trend.

Though "Sex" by Eden came out in 2016, the song is just now blowing up on TikTok. Specifically, the lyrics of the song's chorus make it perfect material for a TikTok trend!

Oh no, I think I'm catching feelings
And I don't know if this is empathy I feel
Just hold on
Remember why you said this was the last time?

For a few months, TikTokers have used "oh no, I think I'm catching feelings" as a way to point out the tiny things people do that can cause you to have a crush on them. One of those TikToks, uploaded by @lily.munnizzz.47 in August 2019, pointed out a boy's butt as the reason to catch feelings.

A month later, butts caught on as the biggest reason to catch feelings! The specific trend, which went viral in September 2019, has one person dropping something (like a pencil or headphones) and bending down to pick it up. And since their butt sticks out as they bend down, a second person catches feelings!

While this trend is popular amongst straight boys (like @chesternut above) who use #nohomo on their posts, it's important to remember that TikToks can just be TikToks... they don't define your sexuality and you don't have to say "no homo."

And yes, girls can catch feelings to "Sex" by Eden, too!

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