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I think you're ALL beautiful... and so does the latest viral TikTok audio trend!

So many TikTokers are making overly-dramatic lip sync to a new sound, in which a woman says, "ooh, you're so beautiful, too!" But the original video has even more to it than that!

Trysta Cherie, who uses the username @trystacherie3 and has over 150,000 followers, posted a video on August 14th replying to a commenter who said "You're so beautiful." In an absolutely adorable voice, she says:

Ooh, you're so beautiful, too. I love you boo, you're gorgeous as well.


@trystacherie3 Replying to @Tori Cameron ♬ original sound - Trysta Cherie


That original video has over 300,000 likes in just two days, and is taking off as a viral audio.

The trending sound has been used in over 250 TikToks, in which TikTokers reference the other people they... uh... pretend to find beautiful! Or, in some cases, they pretend to be someone else entirely.


@zack.quin Rip to them tho fr #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Trysta Cherie


There you go! That's why "you're so beautiful, too" has become the latest viral trend on TikTok.

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